UMANG Mobile App: View EPF Balance and Passbook using these easy step

Checking EPF balance Through the UMANG App is very easy. You can view or download EPF passbook within 2 two minutes using this app.

Steps of EPF Balance Check

Install UMANG App

To avail the services of UMANG app, you must have it on your smartphone. The app is available for Android, Windows and iOS platform. Thus any smartphone user can enjoy its benefit.

Download: Android  iOS  Windows  

During the UMANG Installation, You have to choose the desired language and verify the mobile number through the OTP. It also asks permission for call and SMS. The UMANG App suggest enrolling your ‘Aadhaar’ as various government services are linked to it. Thus, it would be beneficial to link the Aadhaar with UAN. However, you can skip this step. Finally, you have to give your personal details.

Choose the Service

You would see many government services on UMANG platform. You can browse for EPFO. Else, it is easier to search ‘EPFO’ from the search box. You would see the EPFO icon. Tap on this. The EPFO services would open. You would see that there are 3 types of services. These are Employee centric, General and Employer Centric. To download the EPF passbook, you must go to the ‘Employee Centric Section’.

View/download EPF passbook

In this section, you would see the column to view Passbook. Tap on the Blue ribbon. Now you have to enter the UAN of required EPF account. Once you enter the UAN, an OTP would be sent to the registered mobile number. You must remember the mobile number which is registered while you activated the UAN. If you don’t know it, It would be better to log in the Unified portal and find out the mobile number.

After the OTP authentication, you would see the EPF account details. It also shows the EPF balance status. The EPF balance is divided into employer contribution, employee contribution, and pension contribution.

To see the detailed statement of EPF account, you have to download the whole EPF passbook. There is a button to download EPF passbook. The downloaded passbook has information of monthly deposit since your current account is opened. You would also see the entry for previous EPF balance if any.

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