WhatsApp is rolling out the ‘Delete for Everyone’ (Recall) feature | Here’s how it works

WhatsApp was working since the last year on a feature that allows to revoke your messages on the recipients phones. This feature has been wanting by users, that can wrongly send messages to a different chat, or maybe they write something that they didn’t really want to send.

WABetainfo now reports that the new feature, named ‘Delete for Everyone’, has started rolling out to some users on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone apps. It only works if both the recipient and sender have the latest version of WhatsApp installed, the site notes, and it also works on Web version.

What is ‘Delete for Everyone’?

Ever come across a situation where you’ve sent the wrong message to the wrong person? This is where this new feature will help. WhatsApp has become the go-to application for all communication, be it personal or professional. With such blurred lines in between it’s easy to mix up names and occasionally send an inappropriate text to someone who was not suppose to receive it.

The feature will only work for both the parties if the sender and recipient are using the latest WhatsApp version. The feature is said to work for all kinds of messages on the most widely used instant messaging app. The report says it will work for all texts, images, videos, GIFs, voice messages, contact, files, location, quoted message, and status replies on WhatsApp.

It also only works within 7 minutes of sending the message – after that, the message can’t be recalled. Deleted messages will be replaced by “This message was deleted for everyone.” Based on the initial report, the sent message will be deleted from the chat page as well as from the notifications pane. For those unaware, the recall feature is already available in other popular chat apps like Telegram, Viber, and others, and WhatsApp is finally looking to make it available to its billion daily active users as well.

The Delete for Everyone feature doesn’t work for

WABetainfo notes that WhatsApp at the moment does not recall a message contained in a quoted message.

Messages cannot be deleted for everyone if they are sent in a broadcast list.

It also adds that messages will not be deleted on the Symbian app, so those users will continue to see the recalled message.

Messages can be recalled only within a 7 minutes of time frame after which you cannot recall or revoke it.

The site adds that in its current implementation, WhatsApp will not notify the user that the message has been deleted.

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Sources: WABetainfo


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