Now just say ‘Hey Google’ to Waking up Google’s voice search (assistant)

You need a Google assistance? Just say “Hey Google“. “Hey Google” will now Activate Google Assistant on Android Handsets.  Waking up Google’s voice search (assistant) with your voice has been released in 2013. At that time “OK Google” was the hot word but now that changed with the launch of Google Home. Google Home allows you wake up Google assistant with both  ” OK Google and Hey Google” command.

On Android, however, ‘OK Google’ remained the only option until recently, as reports have started surfacing that the ‘Hey Google’ command is now slowly rolling out to users in the Google app.

 XDA uncovered a few days ago that this new (old) hotword will finally be coming to Android smartphones that are already running Google Assistant. But it was just an APK teardown so we weren’t really sure when this will happen. So some people were pleasantly surprised that when they said “Hey Google” to their devices, it would launch and respond. But it may just be either a beta test or an initial rollout as there hasn’t been any announcement and it cannot be triggered.


Sources: XDA, AndriodCommunity 


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