Google Tez mobile payment app launched | Specifically Made for India | Offers users Rs 9,000 per year as reward

Google Tez, a new payment app specifically made for India, is available in the Google Play store. Tez is Google’s payment app for India, which uses the UPI interface to connect to a user’s bank account and for transactions. The app, which is going to go head to head versus the popular apps like Paytm and BHIM, may give Google a share of India’s growing e-payments market. Although before Tez could be called a success, it will have to overcome challenges that are specific to India’s e-payment market.

The Google Tez interface offers language support in English, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, and Telugu. To gain greater traction among digital natives.

Google has got most major banks to sign up for its Tez platform, which enables businesses banking with the latter to transact using the app. Dominos, RedBus, and PVR have already joined the bandwagon in embracing Google’s latest offering. The biggest incentive to other businesses to enrol for Tez is that all payments go through to the merchant’s bank with minimal latency, and more importantly, without levying transaction fees.

How is it different from other digital wallets?

Unlike most other wallets apps, it does not require money to be stored in the app to make digital payments. Tez works as an extension of one’s bank account, which means that unused money remains in the bank earning interest. Each transaction is initiated by the sender entering his UPI pin with the additional security of existing phone locks. The app is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. This is functionally similar to the BHIM app.

How can you transfer money using Tez?

After installing the app, users have to sync their wallets with their Google account, and the mobile number linked to it. Access to the wallet from the app drawer is protected by two-level security: a 4-digit Google PIN, and the security settings on the device, such as passcodes, fingerprints, or pattern locks.

Google payment app Tez offers for users, Earn up to Rs 9,000

Google has brought out an introductory offer on referrals which allows users to pocket Rs.51 whenever the new user makes a transaction. A maximum of Rs.9,000 can be redeemed every year. The offer is valid till April 1, 2018.

Download App : Google Tez For Android, Google Tez For iOS

Register & Verify Your Number Then Add Bank Account.

Now Make First Payment & Get Rs.51 ( You Can Send Rs.1 or any random amount To Anyone ).

Once You Make First Payment, Rs.51 Cashback Will Be Added Instantly.

You Can Redeem That Cashback Amount In Bank Account After Approval.

If you like to stay updated, you can stay connected at following places:

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Official Twitter Handle –
Contact US @
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Sources: Hindu

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