Nagpur becomes first city to use electric vehicles: India’s green public transport mission

The Orange City, Nagpur, has become India’s first city to have electric mass mobility system. It will have a fleet of 200 electric vehicles including taxis, buses, e-rickshaw and autorickshaws, all of which will be fully owned by Ola. With this, Maharashtra has become the first state to provide various incentives to e-taxis.

Massive carbon emission cut-down predicted

Nitin Gadkari, road transport and highways minister, along with Devendra Fadnavis, Maharashtra Chief Minister, inaugurated India’s first multi-modal electric vehicle project at the Nagpur Airport Complex.

The new project comprises 200 electric taxis and e-rickshaws which will operate on cab aggregator Ola’s platform. Also unveiled was a solar power charging station built by Ola.

In less than three years, Nagpur has introduced four modes of public transport—rickshaws, cabs, buses and Metro which run on environment-friendly sources of energy and fuel, with first three of them already operational.

At the launch of the electric taxi project, Gadkari and Fadnavis promised to move Nagpur’s entire public transport infrastructure to renewable and eco-friendly sources of energy and fuel.

Mahindra & Mahindra group’s Mahindra Electric has manufactured 100 e2o electric taxis while Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions has supplied 100 e-rickshaws, Kinetic Safar.

Fadnavis also unveiled an electric charging station built by Ola and located at the Nagpur airport. Ola has also built three other charging stations in Nagpur and these four stations together have 53 charging points that can power the entire fleet of 200 e-vehicles. Ola has plans to scale up operations in Nagpur.


Sources: LivemintIndiaToday


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