Remember Orkut? Hello Network from Orkut founder Available in India

Remember the excitement and sense of belonging Orkut brought in our lives? Once a king among social media platforms, Orkut was shut down in September 2014. Even though we moved on to Facebook and Twitter way before this happened, a part of our hearts grieved a little as India had the second highest number of Orkut users.

Orkut Büyükkökten, the creator of Orkut, is ready to launch his new social media app, Hello, in India. For now, it has been launched in beta stage only. In an interview to Huffington Post, he describes Hello “filled with kind people who share your passion,” which is designed to give its user a top notch experience of an intuitive interface with many fun elements.

The motive behind building this new social media platform is to engage more people. How, you ask? A user will have to spend coins to post anonymously. In order to earn coins, a user will have to be more active. There are hidden personality tests, suggestions for friends, and many more features.

The app will allow a user to connect with other people who share the same interests. These interests will act a user’s “persona”. At any given time, only 5 personas can be opted from a plethora of options, such as football lover, movie buff, etc. Bollywood fan and cricket fan have been specially added for Indian users.

Hello users can create a community, join one or simply browse through trending communities on the app. Additionally, people can search for users on Hello, invite them as friends and chat with them as well. Friends can be invited over via phone numbers or anyone who’s in a user’s phone book. In Feed, people can browse, post a comment and like posts by clicking on the heart icon. Each heart adds to a ‘milestone bar’, which can be filled to receive karma points.

Download Hello:  For iPhone, For Android 

Sources: topyaps, Indian expess


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