2017 Nokia 3310: Price, Specifications and Availability

The Nokia has decided Nokia 3310 to be the first device under HMD Global that will launch in India.The device is now available in India and can be found top mobile phone retailers in India.

Priced at Rs. 3,310, the handset has features such as 2G Internet access, long battery life, familiar form factor, and a new version of the classic Snake game.

The fact that the company is initially selling the phone via offline retail outlets proves that this is not just a marketing gimmick, instead it aims at getting back its fair share of the feature phone market.

Here’s why you might want a Nokia 3310:


This new Nokia will also be able to surf the internet with a basic 2.5G support for old-school internet browsing via Opera Mini.


Unlike the dull blue, original Nokia 3310, the new device will be available in four colours – red, yellow, blue and grey. It will also feature a coloured 2.4-inch display with 240×320 pixel resolution


Nokia 3310 houses a 2 megapixel camera which might not be ideal for your Instagram handle but should still work fine with day light pictures.

Snake Game

Play the legendary Snake. It’s back with a little update that makes it even more fun to play on the color screen.


The device comes with 16MB memory; yes it’s not a typo, 16MB in the era of smartphones with 256GB internal storage. However, you can expand memory using a 32GB memory card, which do the job for a simple feature phone.


No phone can fill the shoes of the original Nokia 3310 without a monstrous battery life and the company claims that the new device is well equipped to reclaim the status of a marathon-phone. The device houses a 1200mAh battery and also supports Dual SIM for connectivity. The biggest USP of the 3310 is the 1200 mAh battery with a 22.1 hours talk time and up to 25 days of standby time.


Even if the device won’t be the first choice as a primary device, it surely can be your music phone, thanks to its legendary battery, 3.5mm headphone jack and support for FM Radio and Mp3 audio format.


The device will also get bluetooth connectivity with Bluetooth 3.0. Using it with bluetooth speakers and headphones shouldn’t be a problem.
Unlike its ancestor, the new Nokia 3310 is much lighter and weighs just 76 gms. However, it’s fairly thick at 12.8mm


Sources: Business today, NDTV 360, Nokia


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