Explained: Why Mobile Data is Expensive than Broadband?

A broadband service is much simpler and comparatively cheaper to roll out than mobile data does.

There is a hugh difference between the mobile Internet and the broadband. The broadband has some advantages compared to the mobile Internet.

The following factor that accounts for why mobile data cost so much more than a regular broadband cost.

  • The setup for the broadband is much cheaper compared to the mobile Internet setup. Also the maintenance cost is slightly lower compared to the mobile Internet maintenance.

  • Mobile data is costly mainly because of licencing costs in spectrum as well as in technology. Cellular technology operates in a wide range of frequency bands which are not free, only bands free to use are the ISM bands. These non-free frequency bands are often auctioned by governments of different countries, this is in millions If not billions of dollars.

  • Broadband Internet offers great plans which will suite to every customer requirements but the broadband Internet lacks mobility. Also create a broadband Internet network is a time consuming task. Therefore it is very typical job for a single broadband Internet provider to cover a large area.

  • Coming to any broadband service,considering each base station requires equipment, back haul, purchasing or real estate and spectrum acquisition considerations. this sends the cost of deploying a wireless service through the roof. A fixed line service is much simpler and comparatively cheaper to roll out since it requires fewer sites.

  • Another cost on technology side is the patents held by Qualcomm. Qualcomm holds major patents in EV-DO, WCDMA, HSPA technology. Any device running them including cellphone vendors to network operators have to pay them licencing fees.

  • Most cases has a wired Internet line in broadband. Broadband is vulnerable to the damages.The mobile Internet on the other hand coverage is very good, most locations are covered with the network. Mobility and reliability are greater in mobile Internet.

Mobile internet has advantages over broadband. Mobile Internet has very frequent upgradation in their device. Hence it’s cost increases.



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