WhatsApp update: Lets You Pin Your Favourite Chats On Top

WhatsApp has released another feature to make chatting with your friends even more convenient as now you’ll be able to pin your favourite contact to the top of the Chats tab in the app.

WhatsApp is bringing another cool feature that will allow users to pin their favourite chats to the top.

The company, which seems to be working on several features at the same time, will allow users to pin conversations with their favourite contacts to the top to the Chats tab. The new feature is being tested on Android for now, but is expected to roll out to stable versions of the app soon.

According to Android Police, if you’re running WhatsApp beta for Android versions 2.17.162 or 2.17.163, you’ll most likely be able to use it. Press on the individual/ group chat you want to pin to the top, and choose the Pin symbol from the top bar. The other options alongside Pin are Delete, Mute, and Archive.

How to Pin a Contact to the Top?

Pinning the contact on the top can be done directly from the Chats tab, you just need to ensure that your beta version of the app is updated to the aforementioned version to be able to use this feature.

  • Open WhatsApp and head to the Chats Tab.
  • Press the contact that you want to pin to the top.
  • You’ll see a Pin icon on the left among several other options including delete, archive and mute.
  • Press on the Pin icon and you’re done.

Currently, WhatsApp only supports pinning three contacts at once. Once your contact is pinned to the top, it won’t be overshadowed by any new messages by other contacts on the phone as the pinned ones always stay on the top.

The feature is currently only available to the Android beta testers of the app and might be rolled out to the masses in the near future.

Sources: Financial express, Hindustan times, AndriodP.



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