Google has updated its excellent Google Trips mobile app for Android and iOS

Google introduced an app called Trips last year to help people organize their travel plans and figure out what to do once they arrive at their destination. And today, the app is getting a few new features that’ll make it even more useful.

First up, Trips will now automatically pull in train and bus tickets that have been sent to your Gmail address. The app already collates all of your flight, hotel, and car reservations, so today’s update makes its overview of your travel plans far more comprehensive.

While the travel app was already able to fetch flight and hotel reservations from your Gmail inbox, it will now automatically organise all your past and upcoming train and bus (surface public transport) reservations in one place inside the Google Trips app alongside other reservations.

With this update, Google has added a new feature to the app that allows users to stay up-to-date with their reservations even when they don’t get confirmation on their mail. Users need to just press the ‘+’ button in the bottom right corner within the reservations section and provide their airline and flight number, or the name of your hotel, car rental, or restaurant. The Google Trips app will then take care of the rest and will keep you updated with the changes even if they are not confirmed through mail. If you want to make free-form notes, the app will also allow that option to you.

The new features are now rolling out to both Android and iOS users, and should become available worldwide soon.

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