Indian Railways Rules | Amenities

  1. Are bedrolls given free to passengers traveling in AC Coaches?

    Yes, bedrolls are supplied free of cost, to all passengers traveling in AC First Class, AC 2-Tier and AC 3 –Tier. In Garibrath and Duronto (Sleeper class) Trains you need to request for bedrolls at the time of booking itself and an extra charge of 25 Rs. will be taken at the time of booking itself.

  2. Do catering facilities available in all the trains?

    Yes. Most of the important trains have pantry car facilities. The details of trains which offer pantry car service are indicated in the timetables by “P”. Catering is also arranged in trains where this facility is not available.

  3. How do I avail of the catering facilities on board?

    You could contact the train conductors/coach attendants or other authorized catering staff of IRCTC.

  4. What about catering facilities at stations?

    Most important stations have vegetarian and non-vegetarian refreshment rooms and light refreshment stalls managed by IRCTC. The detailed menu and tariff are displayed in the refreshment rooms.

  5. How can I be sure of the quality of catering services on trains and at stations?

    To ensure proper and good quality catering services on trains and at stations, passengers are requested to:

    1. Place their orders for meals well in advance, with the Coach Attendant/Conductor or Waiters in Trains to facilitate information being sent to the serving stations.
    2. Insist on a cash memo for all catering services ordered.
    3. Consult the menu and tariff cards displayed in or available at Restaurants/Refreshment Rooms/ Pantry Cars.
    4. Record your suggestions of complaints in the book maintained for this purpose in the Refreshment Rooms. The complaint book is also available with the Train Conductor and also with the Pantry Car Manager. It may be called for, at any time, by the passenger, or you can book your complaints at the All India toll free number 1800-111-139
  6. What is the rate of Standard Menu all over Indian railways?

    Click on this link to get the rate list –

  7. What is the menu of food in Rajdhani Express?

    Click on this link to get menu of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in Rajdhani Express –

  8. Is medical assistance available on trains?

    Guards/Train Superintendents or Pantry Car Managers are equipped with First Aid Boxes. They are also trained to provide first aid to passengers. In case of emergencies, you can approach the Traveling Ticket Examiner/Train Superintendent, who will pass on a message to the next station where a doctor will attend to the emergency. Medical treatment will be provided by the doctor on payment of reasonable charges. In case hospitalization is required, the passenger may have to discontinue his journey. Details of medical practitioners and hospitals along with their addresses are displayed at major stations. On alighting from the train, passengers in need of medical assistance may contact them.

  9. If I am breaking my journey or waiting for a connecting train can I keep my luggage in the Cloak Room?

    Yes, you can. Cloakrooms and Safety Lockers are available at major stations where your luggage can be kept in safe custody. But do remember; only luggage that has been locked will be accepted in the Cloakrooms. Your luggage, duly locked, can be kept in the Cloak Room for a maximum period of one month, on payment of prescribed charges.

  10. Do I need to pay to use the Waiting Room at a station?

    Waiting Rooms are available at major stations for use by genuine passengers. These can be used free of cost on production of your journey tickets for a few hours till the connecting train arrives.

  11. Is there any transit accommodation available at stations?

    Yes, there is. You can stay at the AC and Non AC Retiring Rooms and Dormitories, available at important stations. This transit accommodation can be availed by passengers holding valid tickets, on payment of prescribed charges. You can approach the Station Manager or Matron to find out about the availability of accommodation and the prescribed charges.

  12. Is there any other accommodation available besides Retiring Rooms and Dormitories?

    There is the Rail Yatri Niwas, where passengers can book independent rooms or dormitories, on production of tickets. This accommodation is available at a reasonable cost. The Rail Yatri Niwas also has a self-service restaurant. Currently, this facility is available only at New Delhi and Howrah Railway Stations. You can book Ginger yatri Niwas Hotel at New delhi online also . You can book Retiring Rooms and Dormitiories through online also in all the Major stations through IRCTC. Here is the link for online Retiring Room booking.

  13. What are the other amenities available to passengers?

    150 ‘A Class’ stations have been identified for providing booths having a prominent pictorial sign that assistance is available to physically challenged persons. There are self-help trolleys at all major stations for the convenience of passengers carrying heavy luggage. There are stretchers and wheel chairs for the use of sick and aged passengers at select stations. You can contact the Station Managers or RPF Assistance Posts to make use of these facilities. The other facilities available at important stations include: Medical Shops, Book Shops, Tourist Information centers, Post & Telegraph Offices etc. Because Indian Railways cares….As a customer-oriented organization, Indian Railways values your feedback. Any suggestions for improvement are welcome. All complaints will be looked into promptly and addressed at the earliest.

  14. Whom do I contact if I have any complaints?

    Indian Railways has a well-organized Public Grievance Redressal Machinery that will take prompt action on any complaints you may have. You can record your grievances in the Complaints Book kept for this purpose at: Out Agencies, Town Booking Offices, Major Goods Sheds, Parcel Offices, Reservations Offices, Refreshment Rooms, Pantry Cars, etc. Alternatively, you could also approach the Public Grievance Redressal Booths at major stations for on-the-spot action. At the Divisional level, Additional Divisional Railway Managers can be approached for redressal of grievances in respect of their divisions. You can also approach the Additional General Manager of each Zonal Railway, who has been designated as Director of Public Grievances. At the Ministry level, you may contact Executive Director (Public Grievances) at Tel. No. 011-23184955.

  15. If I have any suggestions or complaints about the catering facilities or other passenger amenities, whom do I get in touch with?

    Indian Railways has Special Cells functioning at the Ministry and Zonal level to deal with complaints regarding passenger amenities, punctuality catering facilities. The details of these Special Cells can be ascertained from the respective Zonal Railways. Now complaint Monitoring Cells have also been established at Corporate Office, Zonal/Regional Offices of IRCTC for Catering Services. IRCTC has also introduced a Toll Free number 1800-111-139 for complaints regarding catering.


  16. What is the up gradation scheme? What are its salient features?

    With a view to optimize the utilization of available accommodation in train, a scheme to upgrade full fare paying passengers to the next higher class against the available vacant accommodation has been introduced in all Mail/Express trains having sleeping accommodation w.e.f. 24-02-2006. The salient features of the scheme are given below:-

    1. The scheme is applicable to only full fare paying passengers, free of charge.
    2. It is applicable only in those trains having sleeping accommodation,
    3. The passengers for up gradation will be selected on random basis by the System at the time of preparation of reservation charts,
    4. Up gradation of passengers will be done as under:-
      1. Sleeper to 3 AC or First Class
      2. 3 AC to 2 AC
      3. 2 AC to 1 AC
    5. Up gradation will not be done for block booking transactions,
    6. If there is no waiting list, no up gradation will take place,
    7. If a passenger, who has been upgraded, cancels his ticket, cancellation charges of the original class only will be payable.
  17. Can I book my tickets on a Credit Card?

    Yes. For your convenience, Indian Railways have exclusive counters where you can reserve your tickets through credit cards. This facility is presently available only at important Computerized Reservation Centers. An additional service charge of Rs.30/- is levied when your reserve your tickets on a Credit Card.

  18. Can I book my tickets through Mobile Phone?

    Yes. You can book reserved tickets through mobile phones. The procedures for booking are similar to that of booking tickets through Internet. For details, please visit

  19. Can I book my tickets through Travel Agents?

    Yes, you can approach authorized Rail Travelers’ Service Agents and Railway Tourist Agents who will book your tickets on payment of prescribed charges. No separate reservation quotas have been assigned to these agents and their staff has to take their turn in the queue at the Reservation Office for purchasing tickets like any other passenger. Addresses and phone numbers of these Travel Agents can be obtained from the Station Managers. Please do not buy tickets from unauthorized Travel Agents.

  20. How to locate authorized Rail Travelers Service Agents (RTSA) in my place?

    Click on this link and type your town pin code to get the list of authorized Rail Travelers Service Agents in your area

    International Tourist

  21. What Facilities available for International tourist?

    To get full detail click on this link –

  22. Are there any special facilities provided by Indian Railway for foreign tourists?

    Yes. Foreign tourists, who wish to experience India by train, can enjoy the special facilities earmarked for them. These are explained below in greater detail. Special Quota: Several important trains have a special quota for foreign tourists. This can be availed on payment of US Dollars or Pound Sterling. Tourists without foreign currency, will be allotted the special quota on production of the exchange certificates issued by any nationalized bank. At the time of reservation, the passport number and the country of origin should be mentioned. Assistance Cells: Major Reservation Centers have special Cells to help foreign tourists plan their itinerary, reserve their tickets and render any assistance required. The International Tourist Bureau situated on the first floor of New Delhi Railway Station provides personalized service and assistance to foreign tourists and NRIs regarding reservations, itinerary planning and other enquiries. This Bureau is manned by trained staff and tourist guides, fluent in foreign languages. For any assistance, please contact: The Manager, International Tourist Bureau, I Floor, New Delhi Railway Station, New Delhi – 110 001. Tel: 011-23405156, 23346804. Fax: 011-23343050. Indrail Pass: This travel-as-you-please ticket has been created especially for foreign tourists and Indian nationals residing abroad. This ticket is available during specified time period from ½ day to 90 days. Indrail Passes should be used within one year of issue. Validity period starts from the date of the first train journey and ends on the midnight of the last journey. During the period of validity, foreign tourists can travel from anywhere on the Indian Railways network without route or train restrictions and without payment of any additional charges.

  23. What is the cost of the Indrail Pass?

    The cost of the Indrail Pass varies with the class of travel and the validity period. For your convenience, these details are given below:

  24. Where are Indrail Passes available?

    In India, Indrail Passes are available for sale in Railway Reservation Offices at: Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Howrah, Chennai, Gorakhpur, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Secunderabad, Thiruvunanthapuram Central, Vadodara, Varanasi and Vasco-da- Gama. Certain recognized Travel Agents are also authorized to sell these passes in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. Indrail Passes are also sold through General Sales Agents in Bahrain, Bangladesh, Finland, Germany, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nepal, Oman, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the UAE and the UK.


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